Storage Unit Auctions

Discover what others have left behind in our storage center in Independence, Oregon. We hold storage unit auctions four times a year, approximately every three months.

You have the opportunity to see, not touch what’s inside 10 minutes before the storage auction. We open the door for viewing, but you can’t move or open boxes. You could get lucky!

Storage Unit AuctionsThere is no upfront cost to bid on storage units. Our storage unit auctions are verbal live auction with payment due at the end of the auction.  For more information on our self storage auctions, contact us or call 503-838-4224.

Our Next Auction – June 20th, 2021

Current Auction List:

Name Unit Size
 KYNAN LUCAS  14-13  5×10
 ALEX LOFTON  17-23  10×25
 LAKAENA SARANI  P54  Travel Trailer